17+ FORD F-250/F-350/F-450 1" BUMPER SPACER KIT

2017+ Ford F-250 F-350 F-450 1" Bumper Spacer Kit

Forget cutting your bumper, thats a thing of the past when you use Wicked MFG's bumper spacer kit. Bumper spacer kits are designed to provide clearance to use larger diameter/width wheels and tires on stock/level trucks to lifted trucks. Wicked MFG developed the bumper spacer in 2015 because we were tired of cutting bumpers, and making the truck look "hacked up". This system was developed to make your truck look cleaner & more streamline, replacing the traditional cutting methods that were a requirement to lift your truck. Wicked MFG ensures that the bumper does not look out of place, or spaced out too far, we design these systems to our strict cosmetic standards. All bumper spacer kits are bolt in, and can be taken out or removed, nothing is perminent post installation. 

Specific product facts:
  • For use with 2017+ Ford F-250 F-350 and F-450 Trucks
  • Tremor & Limited approved fitment
  • Compatable with adaptive cruise control
  • System includes zinc plated bumper spacers, OEM grade hardware, (1) Instruction manual
  • MADE IN USA using american materials, machines and hardware.

Item# Description Qty. Price
BSK08 2017-2022 F-250/350/450 1" Bumper Spacer Kit $129.00 ADD TO CART
BSK08-23 2023+ F-250/350/450 1" Bumper Spacer Kit $129.00 ADD TO CART

| 08-29-2019, 06:46

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