2011-2018 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD 3.5" Premium Leveling System 

This is no ordinary leveling kit your going to find. Wicked Suspension includes uniball upper control arms, differential drop brackets, sway bar endlinks, abs extensions, front monotube shocks, torsion keys are shock tower "W" logo plates, all for a reasonable price. 

We start with the upper control arms, they are 1/2" formed USA sourced steel plate, then we tig weld DOM bushing housings and a uniball housing to the control arm. We then add a "W" for distinction and also side orientation, as well as grease zerts to keep the bushings maintained for a long time. Wicked Suspension naturally uses stainless steel bushing sleeves and american made polyurathane bushings, the best we can possible find, we even include special lucus grease for up-keep. 

Wicked Monotube shocks are made in the USA. Wicked Shocks are valved and built for the application used, we are firm believers in powdercoating bodies (Silver) and having them bolt into factory mounting with ease. You wont be un-happy with Wicked Shocks on your 2500/3500HD. 

Why drop the differential? Because we should, thats why. Dropping the differential not only prolongs the life of the expensive CV shafts, it makes for easier turning & a better ride quality. We believe in doing it right, the first time.

Sway bar endlinks are made from 6061 billet aluminum and utilize energy suspension bushings.

Premium Leveling System Contents: 

(2) Uniball Upper Control arms
(2) Differential drop brackets
(2) Sway bar endlinks
(1) Torsion key set
(2) Wicked Monotube Shocks
(2) Shock conversion brackets
(2) Logo brackets 
(2) Wicked Logos
Frequently asked questions: 

Q: Will this affect my factory ride quality?
A: No, Our systems re-use your factory components utilizing drop brackets, our mindset is if you leave the factory components, your going to leave the factory ride. 

Q: Will this effect my warranty?
A: In most cases, no. This sits heavy on the specific dealer, if they are friendly with leveling kits that are more inclusive like ours, 9/10 times its not an issue. 

Q: What about the adaptive steering?
A: Adaptive steering will remain useable and work correctly if you have an alignment done, and your steering wheel has been centered and rest by your alignment technician. 

Q: What if I want to lift the rear? 
A: Wicked Suspension has a rear block and u-bolt system in the "Lifted trucks solution" section! 

Q: How does this compare to just using torsion keys, what makes it premium?
A: There is a night and day difference in drive quality, expecially with absorbing bumps. When you just install leveling keys, you are achieving the height you desire, but at a huge cost to the ride quality (The more cranked the worse it is) , you are stretching the factory components and the design to the limits by doing a leveling kit with no components, do it right the first time, expecially on your awesome truck. We utilize special leveling keys in this system, but we also include the neccesary components to keep the truck in alignment and better then factory specifications. 

Q: What finish/color does this come in? 
A: Standard finish is raw, we do offer powdercoating options in the configuration area below! 

Q: How do I know which size leveling kit I need? 
A: GM trucks are consistant with 3-3.5" of lift needed to level the truck, this system is adjustable via the torsion bar bolts, you can adjust from 2.5"-3.5" by the turn of a bolt if needed. 

Q: I have a dually, will this work? 
A: Absolutley. 

Item# Description Qty. Price
PLS14 2011-2018 Chevy 2500/3500HD 3.5" PLS $1049.00 ADD TO CART
FOX 2 Rear Fox IFP shocks (pair) $399.00 ADD TO CART
PC1 Powdercoat ANY color (Will call for color choice) $299.00 ADD TO CART

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