Wicked MFG manufactures many unique items that make life simpler.

These products allow your truck to be more useable, adding luxuries that can help you with your day to day operations and obsticles. 

A compressed air outlet addition to your existing air tank can be a HUGE upgrade to your vehicle, bieng able to use air tools or fill up a tire without struggle are things we can all appriciate when needed. 

You dont know you need it, untill you dont have it, think about having compressed air when ever you need it, imagine bieng able to use an air tool, when you need it. This is a must have if you have an air tank on your truck, this can be added to ANY tank, 2.5 gallons or larger with an air compressor. 

On board air outlet kits include:
(1) Universal 2-bolt bracket
(1) quick connect air fitting assembly
(1) 3-feet of 1/2" air line
(1) 1/2" female push fitting (for your existing tank)
(2) Stainless steel bolts hardware

Universal 2-bolt bracket is powdercoated black and is ready to install using stainless nuts and bolts, or by tapping the bolts into where ever you choose.

Stop drilling holes in your bumper, do it sleek, with strength, using this Wicked MFG air outlet system!

Item# Description Qty. Price
OBA-1 On board Air Outlet System $129.00 ADD TO CART
OBA-2 On Board Air Bracket only $49.00 ADD TO CART

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